Diving Bull Sharks Feeding

$ 215

Location : Playa del Carmen

What is included? Equipment; 1 feeding dive with bull shark; boat transportation; snacks and water.

Duration : 1 hours

Minimum certification of Advanced open water diver or equivalent.


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Diving Bull Sharks Feeding

Come dive with Bull Sharks and appreciate an exciting closer view of the beautiful female bull sharks that come every year between November and February to give birth on the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

In this adrenaline-filled dive, we will attract the sharks with food, so they come very close to us, it is a unique experience where you can see the sharks up close, less than 1 meter.

It is necessary to have an advanced diving license to be able to do this experience.

They’re fabulous and breath taking animals, and believe it or not, they’re not shy at all, they’ll approach you out of curiosity and you’ll be able to see them closely in their natural habitat. It’s very important to maintain a respectful attitude, so, remember, you should always keep in mind that you aren’t supposed to intervene in their environment, in the end, it’s their home, not ours, we’re mere observers!

To dive with Bull Sharks you need to be a diver with a minimum certification of Advanced diver or its equivalent.

Be prepared to have a life changing and unique experience, after all, how many people are able to say they have already swum with sharks?

Location: Playa del Carmen

What to expect? Diving 25 meters deep with sharks in their natural habitat, no more than 10 meters away. It lasts 35 min and it’s a static dive.

What is included? Equipment; 1 feeding dive; round trip transportation to dive site; boat transportation; snacks and water;

Duration: 1 hours

Where will we meet?At our office in the center of Playa del Carmen.