Cenote Diving

Cenote diving

Cenote Diving is one of the most interesting activities you could experience in life. But what are cenotes anyway? At some point in time, sharks and whales were swimming where we now eat breakfast. Thousands of years ago, sediments and coral reef started to accumulate and slowly created the Yucatan peninsula. Certain scientist explain Cenotes by a meteorite, other, simply justify it by the ice eras. Anyway, the sea level went down and exposed the peninsula, leaving it like a gruyere cheese made out of calcareous matter. The porous ground acts as a filter for every rain drop, So, these cheesy looking wholes slowly got filled with water forming the Cenotes.

Known by the Mayas to be the entrance door of Xibalba (the death world), the world’s biggest underground river system lays just under our feet. Sac Actun – Dos Ojos System is the longest underground river system recently found to connect and run for a total of 215 miles.

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