PADI The Professional Association of Diving Instructors for its letters in English.

We offer all PADI certifications

Cenote Diving
Cenote diving will bring you a new perspective on the underwater exploration. Known by the Mayas to be the entrance door of Xibalba (the death world), it is under our feet that lays the world's biggest underground river system. Sac Actun - Dos Ojos System is the longest underground river system recently found to connect and...
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Reef Diving
The second largest reef in the world (1600 km from Contoy Island to Belize), welcomes you for many amazing ocean diving experiences. Reef diving are among the favorite activities to do around Playa del Carmen. There are 25 diving spots between Puertos Morelos and Playa del Carmen to explore, plus my favorite reef, Cozumel, which offers...
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