Wreck Dive + Night Dive

USD 135

United States dollar ($) - USD
  • United States dollar ($) - USD
  • Mexican peso ($) - MXN

Location: Cozumel Island

Included: 2 Boat dives (Wreck Dive + Night Dive); Full Equipment with lights; Certified guide.

Duration: 5 hours

*You need to be an Open Water certified diver or its equivalent to do this activity. If you’re still not certified, start your course here. PADI Open Water Cozumel | Playa del Carmen.

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Wreck Dive + Night Dive

The Wreck Dive C 53 boat is located in the Cozumel Island marine park, it is a 1944 military boat that was used as minesweepers. The Mexican government used it to fight against illegal smuggling and rescue in Alamar. Finally, they donated it to the diving community and sank it in 1999.

It’s one of the favorite sunken ships in the world, it’s located 24 meters deep and lengths 56 meters, it has large openings that allow a quick exit at many points in case of a diving profile with penetration.

Several Corals have grown on the Metal of the Sunken Ship, we can find angelfish, barracuda, green moray eel, giant king crabs and fire worms.

With a Night Dive in the paradise reef of the Isla de Cozumel, you’ll be offered a different perspective at the nighttime. Many organisms remain asleep and hidden during the day, so you’ll be able to see octopus, lobsters, crabs, squid, and much more.

It is a unique experience in the Cozumel Island Marine Park.

Here are all the details of the Diving:

What to expect? 2 unforgettable dives; watching the sunset in the Caribbean; seeing octopuses, lobsters, crabs, many organisms that you never see in the daytime.

Included: Full equipment including lamp; 2 dives from a boat; private diving guide.

Where will we meet? Playa del Carmen or Cozumel dock

Requirements:  A minimum age of 10 years; good state of health; not taking flights at least 18 hours after your last dive; PADI Open Water Certification.

 Minimum 2 divers (ask, we can organize a group with you).

* Ferry and marine park not included

Do you want to go further with your diving training? Take a look here on the PADI course in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen.

Check out at our vimeo channel to see a couple of videos of our dives

Photos #paul.s.walker


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