Certified Diver

Are you a certified diver ?

If you are already a certified diver with any association of scuba diving, lets bring this to another level and lets go explore together!

I offer you private and professional services to discover the endless diving possibilities of the Yucatan Peninsula.

There are around 40 ocean dives between Playa del Carmen, Puertos Morelos and Cozumel, and over 2000 cenotes less then 100 km away, offering a certified diver a varied and unique diving destination.

Good times underwater, safety always onboard, with a knowledgeable diving instructor is what you can expect from Acuaticaribe.

Please contact us for any questions, it would be my pleasure to help you plan your diving trip,  tailored to your personal or group need, assuring you a memorable experience in the Yucatan Peninsula, underwater as much as on land.

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