Night Dive Cozumel

85 $

Location : Cozumel

Included :  1 immersion from boat. Full equipment with lights. Certified guide. Water.

Duration : 2 hours

* You need to be an Open Water certified diver or its equivalent to do this activity, right? Start your course here. PADI Open Water Cozumel | Playa del Carmen.


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Night Dive Cozumel

Night Dive in Cozumel must be on your list of your adventure dives, and if you have the opportunity to do it at night I assure you you will not regret it.

We will start watching the sunset in the Caribbean, during the dive we will find lobsters walking on the arecife, giant crabs, if we open our eyes to octopuses changing the color of their tentacles to camouflage themselves among the collars.

Many organisms remain asleep and hidden during the day, but at night it is possible to appreciate a different scene

Here are all the details of Night Dive in Cozumel :

What to expect ? See the sunset in the Caribbean, sighting of octopuses, lobsters, crabs, many organisms that you never see in the day.

Included : Full equipment including lamp, 1 dives from a boat, private diving guide.

Where will we meet ?  Cozumel Ferry Dock

Requirements :  Minimum Open Water certification or its equivalent. (Minimum 10 experience dives)

                      Minimum 2 divers (ask, we can organize a group with you). Do not take a flight 18 hours after your last dive.

*  Ferry not included ( 10 USD )

Do you want to go further with your diving training? Take a walk around here on the Advanced PADI course.

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